The Writers Circle: Traveling

One of our goals here at Today’s Author is to help all of the writers among us to do what we love to do: write. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by talking to each other and learning from each other.  Our Writers Circle series is designed to do just that – provide a chance for us to discuss writing, editing and publishing questions.

This week’s topic is:

Traveling can be extremely rewarding on many levels, but it can present some unique challenges for writers.  Whether it’s a business trip or a family vacation, writing schedules can be disturbed, privacy can be limited and available time can be hard to find.  How do you handle writing while traveling? Do you continue to work on your work-in-progress? Do you work on side projects? Do you write about your travels? Do you do something else?


Discuss this topic here in the comments or head on over to the forums to start or engage in a more thorough discussion.


Just for Fun: Places Unknown

Just for fun, write a scene in which you describe your character’s first impressions upon traveling to a place he or she has never been before.

If you are comfortable doing so, share your work in the comments, on the forums or via a link to it on your blog.