Just for Fun: Weird Weather Traditions

In honor of Groundhog Day, take a moment to get to write about a weird, weather-inspired tradition in your creative world.  Use this to get to know your universe better or to better understand how your characters feel about the traditions in their lives that they might not think about on a regular basis.  Jot a quick paragraph or two down here in the comments, on your own blog or just on a piece of scrap paper at your desk.



The Writers Circle: Traditions

One of our goals here at Today’s Author is to help all of the writers among us to do what we love to do: write. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by talking to each other and learning from each other.  Our Writers Circle series is designed to do just that – provide a chance for us to discuss writing, editing and publishing questions.

This week’s topic is:

It is St. Patrick’s Day today, of course, and there are many traditions around how this day gets celebrated.  Thinking of your own stories, how do you incorporate traditions into your writing? I’m talking about traditions from the real world or traditions, holidays, rituals, or other things you might invent for the worlds in your stories. What is the favorite tradition or holiday you’ve invented in your stories?

Let’s discuss this in the comments and see what our community thinks.