There are a lot of words to describe the state of politics in the world today and this morning I’m posting just a random question that came to me while sitting in my local Starbucks:  Can we as writers describe the current chaotic state of politics as inspirational?

In other words, I’m curious if other writers in the Today’s Author community have been using the non-stop political news from around the globe as a creative spark for your works in progress, new works or anything creative.  Personally, I’ve been working on some ideas related to national and international politics (in a distant future, interplanetary sci-fi sort of area).

Whatever your or my politics might be, we are in a reality right now that on some days reads like fiction.  No one’s political views are right or wrong for this particular discussion, I really just want to see if other authors are finding ways to use the current state of things for a creative gain.  If you are, how are you using it in your work? If not, is this because you can’t find inspiration in it or is it because you need to get away from the 24-hour noise of it?  Looking forward to hearing about how you might or might not incorporate political issues into your works.

Just for Fun: Politics

One day your main character makes a passing comment that he or she would do a better job than the any of the people running for office in the next election.  As a joke, your character’s friends start a secret effort to get a lot of people to write your character onto the ballot and on election day he or she actually wins the election.  Your character, of course, has no true political aspirations and had no real desire to hold this office. What happens now?

Write a few paragraphs in the comments or on your blog and let us get to know your characters a little better!