The Writers Circle: How Has Your Writing Changed?

One of our goals here at Today’s Author is to help all of the writers among us to do what we love to do: write. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by talking to each other and learning from each other.  Our Writers Circle series is designed to do just that – provide a chance for us to discuss writing, editing and publishing questions.

This week’s topic is:

As with most things in life, change is inevitable.  Thinking specifically about your writing, how has it changed over the years since you started writing?  This can be thematic, stylistic, technological or any other way in which writing has grown or changed over the years that you have been a writer.


Discuss this topic here in the comments or head on over to the forums to start or engage in a more thorough discussion.


Just for Fun: Traveling

Pick a character from a current work-in-progress, a past story you’ve written or one you’ve thought up but never used.  Stick this character in an airport, bus station, train station, space dock or other transportation hub where they are awaiting their departure time.  Now cancel their flight/train/bus/etc.  Describe in the comments here where they were going, how they felt about going there and how they react to this change in their travel arrangements.