Tony Noland

Tony Noland 2011-12 Smiling grayscale 8 x 10Tony Noland is a writer, blogger and poet in the suburbs of Philadelphia. He takes his writing seriously, but has gotten a reputation as a funny guy. He is currently seeking representation for his recently finished science fiction novel about a superhero who fights crime using the power of precise punctuation and a grasp of good grammar.

An anthology of his fantasy, horror and literary short fiction, “Blood Picnic and other stories”, is available for Kindle, as is the collection “Poetry on the Fly: Limericks Inspired by Three Word Wednesday”. His works have been especially praised for his masterful use of language, clever plotting and keen ear for dialogue. The most popular (and most humorous) of any of his poems, “Ode to the Semicolon”, has been featured on numerous grammar websites.

Tony is a regular contributor of short fiction under the #FridayFlash hashtag on Twitter. He served as an associate editor for Volumes 1 and 2 of the “The Best of #FridayFlash” anthology. His stories appear in both collections. His work has been featured in e.zines such as Evolve and AmWriting, and in the anthologies “Inhuman”, “Chinese Whisperings: The Yin and Yang Book”, “12 Days – 2009”, “12 Days – 2010” and “Unluck of the Irish”.

He was one of the associate editors of the 2011 anthology “100 Stories for Queensland”, a fundraising effort to help victims of devastating floods in Australia. Tony was a major contributor to “The Handbook of the Writer Secret Society”. The collaborative fiction site is one of his larger editing efforts to date.

Tony is a contributor to and he is active on Twitter as @TonyNoland. You can find his fiction and writing blog “Landless” at


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