Rob Diaz II

Rob DiazRob was invented in the early nineteen seventies and spent a good portion of his early life figuring out how to string more than two words together to form a sentence. Having accomplished this somewhat successfully by the time he was in sixth grade, Rob started to string these multi-word sentences together to form paragraphs and then entire stories, stage plays, poems and songs, tending towards the science fiction, fantasy, and comedy genres. His writing habit took a complete hold on him and he wrote nearly every day from that point until he graduated from college and got a real job. For the next fifteen years, Rob found himself completely consumed by writer’s block, “I can write that tomorrow”-style excuses and a creativity-stifling day job. This, combined with a need to chase the almighty dollar, caused the notebooks and pens to be left to gather dust in the back of an old sock drawer while Rob allowed his real job to own his life.

Rob’s real job is as a software developer, although he truly despises computers. Despite the irrational hatred of technology, Rob continues to write business financial software.  Over the years he has learned that there is little room for storytelling within the business financial software industry. One day in 2006, while searching for his lucky, blinking socks, Rob stumbled upon his notebooks. After a lot of deliberation and hand-wringing, he decided to start writing again, this time including novels in the mix of writing forms. He has written seven novels so far, all written during NaNoWriMo and all langushing under the foggy haze of Needtoeditland.

Rob has written numerous stageplays, three of which have been produced. The most recent scripts were put on stage by the Cross Creek Players, a local community theatre in central New Jersey.

When he is not writing software or creative pieces, Rob eats vegetarian food, works in his large, organic vegetable garden, drinks coffee, admires the number 13, listens to music on his Zune and plays the trumpet. He enjoys hanging out with his wife, his two children, his dog and the two cats… though the two cats may enjoy the interaction a little more than Rob does.

You can find more from Rob at Thirteenth Dimension.


Short Stories

front-cover-dth Eighty Nine Anthology Nothing But Flowers Anthology Chinese Whisperings: The Yin and Yang Book Chinese Whispering: The Red Book Lost on Earth


The Good Old Days The Legend of Sweetbriar Cemetery


One thought on “Rob Diaz II

  1. I wonder if you might be willing to consent to an e-interview for my blog? I did one with Matt Robb, which is posted on my site, if you want a model (but the questions would be different). It would likely consist of 3 e-mailed questions and 1 or 2 follow-ups (depending on the length of your replies). You can let me know either in a reply to this or e-mail me.

    Thanks, Tony

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