Katie O’Rourke

Katie O'RourkeKatie has been writing since grade school and it’s so much a part of her identity that she’s a little suspicious of people who don’t write. Her first book, Monsoon Season, found a publisher in 2012. They published her second book, A Long Thaw, in 2014.

Katie writes contemporary fiction. Some people call it “literary fiction.” Some people call it “women’s fiction.” She calls it “coming-of-age, family drama, book-club fiction.” Sometimes, in query letters, she calls it “commercial fiction.” She thinks genre tags are necessary to a point, but then they get confusing.

She is a community moderator on authonomy.com and has a personal blog at katieorourke.blogspot.com. There, you’ll find everything from book reviews to photos of house renovations. You can read more about her on her author site: katieorourke.com

Katie lives in Tucson with an ornery 15 year old cat and a much more agreeable boyfriend. When she isn’t writing, she works on ADA advocacy.


Monsoon Season A Long Thaw


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