Jessica Bockman

Jessica BockmanWelcome to my page! My history in brief: I began writing in second or third grade. I wrote as part of class, then wrote because I was bored in class, then wrote because I liked writing, then majored in journalism during college and consequently stopped writing for three years. One day I emptied my purse and discovered it was empty of the things women usually carry around. Instead it was full of scraps of paper scrawled over with lines of (bad) poetry, ideas on interesting characters, not to mention the pens and ink-covered spare change. And so I learned that even when I’m not writing, I’m writing.

My career path looks evasive. I have that college degree in journalism and a resume dotted with jobs like small rentals’ party planner, public relations “gofer”, copywriter and copyeditor. Lately, I’ve added a graduate degree in Language, Reading, and Culture, and a part-time job teaching reading at my local community college.

On paper it looks like a great way to pay the bills while being a writer. In reality, I spend my days preparing to teach, teaching, grading, and on my days off chasing my son around the park. Writing remains a priority in my mind, but a difficult one to fit in even weekly. You may find me posting here about my successes and failures in finding that particular and elusive time necessary for writers. I hope you share yours too.


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