Dale Challener Roe

Dale Challener RoeDale is a multiple Nobel Prize laureate who shot to fame after inspiration for his Grand Unified Theory of Everything came to him one evening over a bowl of Ramen. His groundbreaking series of exposés on black market punctuation have been largely credited by world leaders as the catalyst for the current unprecedented era of peace. And he became the darling of the geek world when, upon his first visit to the Arecibo radio telescope, he was able to decipher the first message from an alien world (“Sorry to hear about Douglas Adams”).

He also dabbles in fiction.

He lives in North Carolina with his mischievous collection of four-legged friends and can occasionally be found online at dcroe.com.

Short Stories

front-cover-dth Eighty Nine Anthology Nothing But Flowers Anthology Chinese Whisperings: The Yin and Yang Book Chinese Whispering: The Red Book Lost on Earth


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