Annie Evett

Primarily a writer, Annie  publishes first drafts of her flash fiction most weeks and is a self proclaimed champion for the return of the short story. She is the creative energy behind CYOA – Choose Your Online Adventures and has branched out into editing and sharing her knowledge in workshops for writers groups.

annie small black and whiteAnnie’s current non- fiction writing involves her regular reviews at Weekend Notes , as the editor at Writers Institute and contributing editor at Today’s Author.

In the past, she undertook a contributing editorial role at Write Anything for nearly 5  years, took on the major role of editing the charitable anthology New Sun Rising, was the editor for the literary ezine  The Cats with Thumbs,  a  year stint as the weekly columnist  at Ether Books, wrote a weekly foreign film review at Pop Bunker for over a year, a regular product reviewer at  Type A Parent as  Suburban Mom as well as  publishing articles on ezine.

Annie trained as an actor and moved into a formal teaching role early in her career. She utilises these skills to facilitate her workshops and in doing voice overs or readings for radio. She is author of “Reclaim” a survival guide for couples and conducts workshops with community groups along with speaking at key events on the subjects of reclaiming femininity, parenting and living the conscious, authentic life .

Pursuing her love of collaborative writing, Annie has been published in a number of  anthologies whose platform focuses on the shared experience such as Chainbooks,  Choose Or Die,   Chinese Whisperings Literary Mixed Tapes co-authored  “The Astonishing Adventures of Captain Juan”, an historical fictional ongoing online adventure series. Although delighted to have  several of her short stories published in more traditional methods, she  is excited about pushing the publishing format further, having several of her works published with the innovative mobile phone publisher Ether Books.

Annie draws on her early years growing up in the Australian Bush, her time as a classroom teacher and work in the corporate field to bring life experience to her eclectic style of workshops, writing and artwork. Having scribbled and sketched in the margins throughout school, university and in business meetings, she felt it time to bring her images and ideas to light.

She explores themes in feminism, spirituality and sharing her journey as a woman and mother in all her outlets of creativity.

Start your escapade into her worlds at


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