Security Notice to Our Readers

As a precautionary measure–for our readers and our own writers–we’re taking today off to pass along a notice, and a warning, to update your password.

On Saturday, the WordPress team announced their servers had been hacked. The incident was described as:

a low-level (root) break-in to several of our servers, and potentially anything on those servers could have been revealed.

Now for the vast majority of users, we don’t store anything particularly sensitive on the site. It’s actually a worse situation for Automattic than for it’s users. Nonetheless, it would be prudent for all of us to change our passwords. I’ve already changed mine.

For the record, Automattic was very upfront about all this, which is more than many companies can say.

It’s possible that some of you may have passwords because of Today’s Author. So we felt a heightened need to pass along this information. But don’t worry, tomorrow we’ll be back to a more creative mood.

Read the full announcement here.

First 100 Days, New Voices and Looking for More

Today concludes this blog’s first 100 days. I’m happy with what we’ve done. Or maybe it would be more accurate to say, I’m happy with what we’ve done–so far.

As we pass 100 days, we find ourselves looking toward the future. Over the next week or so, our writers will each be taking a look forward—some looking forward in their careers, some planning for the rest of the year. Behind the scenes we’re doing the same thing. There are plans for some specialized content later in 2013, that we hope will help us get our readers geared up for the future.

In the meantime, we are looking forward by looking for new writers. The life of this blog, and whether it thrives or flounders, lies with the voices of the authors who write for us.

Wanted: New Voices

Were looking for a few writers who think they have something to say about creative writing, their own writing, a career in writing, the industry…heck, pretty much anything that involves writing or reading.
You’d be taking on about two unique posts each month, and occasionally might be asked to join into a group project or two.

  1. If you’re interested, please use the contact form to get in touch with us.
  2. If you’re not interested, please help us out by sharing this call on social media or your own blogs.

Hello, To Our Early Followers

hello-on-wall-BCTo Our Early Followers:

Today’s Author is not even a week old–though some of you found us in the last week or 2012, our official launch was January 1–and already we have several readers.

So far you’ve been introduced to most of our regular writers, as well as a handful of writing prompts to make sure that you’re not wasting all your free time reading our stupendous blog.

I just wanted to make sure that you were all aware of our Facebook page. We won’t be using Facebook simply as a place to post links to our articles. Our Facebook page is the only place for you to find our Micro-Writing Prompts–designed to be completed on the spot, in the Facebook comments. While this blog will offer serious advice (though hopefully not in a serious tone), the Facebook page will probably be a little more playful.

The other authors and I would like to welcome you to Today’s author. We hope you enjoy it here.

Thank you,

Dale Challener Roe