Hello, Again

Hello.  My name is Dale. Or maybe I should say, Hello, again.

If you’re among our newer readers, you probably don’t know me.  And if you’re one of those readers who’s been with us a while, you’ll be forgiven if you’ve forgotten who I am.  Although I’m one of the founders of this site, I’ve all but disappeared over the last two years.

I’d like nothing more than to tell you that I haven’t been writing because of some grand event, like traveling the world, or that I’ve been so busy on some life-changing project at work that you’ll all be able to see on the news in the near future.  It would assuage my writer’s guilt greatly if I could point to a bout with cancer, or wax poetic about caring for a loved one who made a remarkable recovery.  But I can’t.

I’d like nothing more than to tell you that I have good reasons for my absence.  But all I have is excuses.  Or more accurately, one excuse.  It’s the same excuse I always have.

For the past two years I just didn’t feel like writing—and I didn’t force myself to do it.

I’ve never been good at making myself write–at least not when I lack the motivation to write.  If I have a story in my head, but lack the time, I can usually make myself sit down to take a few notes, and can often parlay that into a productive hour or two.  But in the last couple of years the ideas and the desire have been lacking.

I’d love to tell myself that I have reasons not to write.

I’ve been suffering from a form of chronic pain.  That’s a reason, right?  Well…I’ve known people with chronic pain who find a way.

What about my legitimate lack of time to write?  Hmmm…I seem to have found the time to watch TV and surf the web. So even though I haven’t had a lot of free time, it seems like I could have carved out an hour here and there.

I could go on, but I think you get the point.

When it comes to not writing there are few reasons and there are many, many creative variations on the same, familiar excuse.

So what can I do?  The way I see it there are two choices.  I can give up and stop calling myself a writer (even with qualification) and give up my partial stake in this site I helped start.  Or I can stop accepting my own excuses, and make myself write.

In the past month I’ve started to make myself journal every day most days.  I’ve taken some notes on a couple of creative ideas that have been living in my head for far too long.  I’ve started to get my office into shape (this is a common stalling tactic, but in this case I’ve just bought a house and I can’t use my new office until it’s painted and unpacked).


And I’ve started writing again.  For now it’s less creative stuff, like a few blog posts, and some technical writing.  But I’m using those to get back in the swing of putting thoughts on paper in a coherent way, so those muscles don’t cramp up as bad when I start to tackle something more creative and narrative.

So to sum up.  I’m Dale, and I have no excuses.


14 thoughts on “Hello, Again

  1. Welcome back, Dale!

  2. Hey! Great to see you’re back in the saddle. I totally relate as personally I feel I’m about to take a hiatus from fiction myself.

  3. Welcome back Dale. I can fully.identify. The last entry on my blog was February…it says something like “it’s ages since I blogged, must try harder…” I’ve had ideas, they just don’t seem to have found their way from my head, down my arm to my pen hand…

  4. Looking forward to reading more of your writing.

  5. Welcome back, Dale. Please stay!

  6. Welcome back, Dale. You’ve made it official – you’re here to write. You’ve got two years of ideas to develop.

  7. Dale, I have been a follower of Today’s Author for a while and I do remember seeing your name before. I didn’t really know who you were though until I read this post and decided to read your biography too. We’re neighbors. I live in Tennessee.

    Maybe I should take some time off from writing seeing that I’m not accomplishing anything with it anyway. However, something keeps on plopping me in front of the keyboard. Such is life.

    Welcome back. I hope you take some time to write some posts on the blog.

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