The Writers Circle: Inspiring Words

One of our goals here at Today’s Author is to help all of the writers among us to do what we love to do: write. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by talking to each other and learning from each other.  Our Writers Circle series is designed to do just that – provide a chance for us to discuss writing, editing and publishing questions.

This week’s topic is:

As writers, there is often a time where we lose focus and lose our confidence.  This is especially true for young, inexperienced writers. Today let’s discuss how we can find inspiration when we need it and how we can (and do) work to inspire others to find their creative stride. 

Let’s discuss this in the comments or on the forums and see what our community thinks.


5 thoughts on “The Writers Circle: Inspiring Words

  1. You have to go look for inspiration. Take a walk in the woods. Go to a museum, art gallery, read a book, watch a movie, rest, run. Do anything that fills you soul.

  2. Listen to my inner muse. I agree with Andrew–fill my soul is often on her agenda. Other times, it’s write something else.

  3. I often have an issue with losing confidence – I’m now attempting to write my first book and doubt myself after finishing every chapter!

  4. I wanted to write for many reasons, one being that I want to leave a legacy for my children and grandchildren, something they can read one day and be proud of. Maybe even see there is more to me than my famous artichoke dip.

    I’m part of a writer’s critique group and their insightful comments keep me going. They aren’t always complimentary but they provide sufficient feedback to keep me believing my writing is worthy of pursuing.

    NomadicStoryBlog, the first book is tough. Don’t give up. Remember all the reasons you began to write and use it as a mantra. Join a crit group – they’ll help you understand your strengths as well as your weaknesses.

    Finally, I can’t not write. Inspiration or madness, it keeps me going.

  5. I often have doubts

    my low cal writing troops for rehash orange and inspeartion

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