Just for Fun: Places Unknown

Just for fun, write a scene in which you describe your character’s first impressions upon traveling to a place he or she has never been before.

If you are comfortable doing so, share your work in the comments, on the forums or via a link to it on your blog.

2 thoughts on “Just for Fun: Places Unknown

  1. Okay, I’ll give it a go. This scene takes place about one third of the way through my WIP…

    Cook: Population—2

    Litha looked at the sign and her heart dropped.

    If the phrase slap–bang–in–the–middle–of–nowhere applied to any place, it was Cook. Hundreds of kilometres from anywhere, its hard–baked red earth like concrete under the remorseless sun where a few scrappy plants made a forlorn attempt to grow in what passed for a garden.

    The heat caught her unawares as she climbed down from the train. It was as if someone had opened the door to a furnace.

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