Our Forum is Better Than Your Forum

As a member of another writing forum (that belongs to a top 5 publisher) believe me when I tell you the capabilities of this forum are far superior. We’ve been waiting more than nine months into a site “revamp” to be able to do some of the things the Today’s Author Forum can do on day one.

With the click of a button, you can include the quote of the post you’re replying to. You can alter your font style, size and color. You can post a link, photo or video without having to learn computer bracket code. You can even post a photo with a link in it. You can create a specific sign off to appear at the bottom of all your posts. You can subscribe to threads you’re interested in following.

I’m sure there are more, but those are my favorites. Now we just need more forum members to get those conversations going. Writing can be an isolated enterprise. It helps to link up with other writers and trade ideas. That’s what this whole site is about; the forum is just the next level.

Today we’re kicking off a new forum feature: the mini critique.  This is a space to post a short excerpt of your writing and get a reader response. The goal is to remind you to get to work- not be a distraction. That’s why we keep excerpts short. Post the scene you’ve just written. It can be rough and raw. Offer other writers general impressions and encouragement. People who don’t comment on other writing tend to get fewer comments on theirs, promoting participation.

Go ahead. Join us here.


2 thoughts on “Our Forum is Better Than Your Forum

  1. Good article. I have trouble finding good forums for my two interests so I understand what you’re saying.

  2. The mark of a good forum – of any good endeavor – is one open to new ideas, not just throwing around conversation but trying new programs, giving the client community a chance to judge such implementation on the value of the experience. Thank, Katie, for introducing the mini critique. I’ll be trying this one soon.

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