Just for Fun: Celebrities

Your main character is out and about — in a cafe, in the grocery store, walking in the park.  Suddenly, they are face to face with a famous celebrity.  Assuming your character has is a fan of this celebrity, what does he or she do at that moment?   Now, what if your character dislikes this celebrity? Would he or she react differently?  How?

Write a few paragraphs in the comments or on your blog and let us get to know your characters a little better!




One thought on “Just for Fun: Celebrities

  1. My MC would probably look too long at the person and be befuddled as to what she would say if she had the guts to just walk up to the person and start a conversation.

    If the person sat down at my MC’s table, the first words out of her mouth would be, “Are you —–?” After that, she’d try to have an intelligent chat with the person.

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