Getting Back on the (Writing) Wagon

I’d like to take an unscientific poll here.  I’m curious to know what you do if you haven’t written creatively for a while but want to get back into the groove of it again.  Choose one of the options below to participate in the poll, and leave a comment to discuss these options or any others you might do:



9 thoughts on “Getting Back on the (Writing) Wagon

  1. I just start writing! Sometimes, I may go through my drafts to see ideas that were in progress, and take them up.Otherwise, just sit infront of your computer and WRITE!

  2. I gather one emotion into my heart and write it out, usually as a short poem. It is like turning the TV to a channel I’ve never seen before.

  3. I also go to a local writers group which runs a flash fiction writing competition every other month where you get three titles and 20 minutes to write then everyone shares what they wrote and votes on which story is the best! Even if the stories I write don’t win the votes I often come away with several ideas buzzing around waiting to be developed

  4. With the amount of blogging I do, I never stop writing. The topics and goals changes, but I’m always writing/editing/rewriting.

  5. I’ll either write a blog post about something geeky that I’m loving or I’ll go back to continue working on the rehash of a story that’s been floating in my head for way too long.

  6. I’ve heard there is a rule of thumb: it takes ten days to get back into writing after a break. I don’t think it’s true for everyone. usually the first chapter I write is crap, but after that I get back in the groove.

  7. I have found that when there’s a lull in my writing, it’s usually because something is upsetting me. Of course, this is the best time to write, but trying to tell my brain that is impossible sometimes. Instead, I want to shut down.

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