Just for Fun: Let’s Write a Story

Today, let’s write a story together. It doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect, let’s just have fun with it.  Each of us can add a comment with a few sentences to keep the story building. Come back throughout the day to add more!


Here is an opening:


They had arranged for their blind date to take place in the little cafe because it was a safe, public place.  The tables around them filled up as other patrons came in for their afternoon lattes, the room filling with the sound of dozens of private conversations. The pair looked across the room and were surprised to see their exes sitting at a table drinking coffees…and watching them.

Now it’s your turn: continue the story in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Just for Fun: Let’s Write a Story

  1. The new couple looked at their exes, back to each other and back to their exes a few times in silent contemplation. There was an air of awkwardness between the four of them but eventually, they all went back to their individual conversations. They chattered about anything and everything, just to avoid looking toward the other table. There were words left unsaid and delightful conversations to be had.

  2. The young waiter rushed to serve so many tables, obviously working more than his share. Carrying an overloaded tray, he barely looked to see whose orders he had, then accidentally placed the wrong orders at each table. The error necessitated much scrambling of dishes to be exchanged for the right orders. That’s when Peter glanced at Sylvie and, watching her take a bite of his Monte Carlo sandwich before playfully arranging it back on the plate, realized how much he missed her sense of humor.
    “You always did have such good taste in food,” she said, gulping down a swig of his beer to follow the grilled sandwich.
    “I always knew you’d want a bite of whatever I ordered,” he answered, and leaned over to fork up a taste of her shrimp pasta.
    The other members at the tables crossed their legs and looked to see just where this little case of mistaken orders would lead.

  3. (Ugh! Is is possible I could have written any more “orders”?)

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