Just for Fun: Campfire Stories

It seems there comes a time where each of us finds ourselves sitting in a dark room or out in a dark tent with just a flashlight and with the spotlight upon us we are pressed to tell a ghost story or some other spooky tale.  Let’s turn the tables on our characters today:  just for fun, hand one of your characters a flashlight and have them tell a story for a change.  Post a link to your character’s campfire story or put it here in the comments.


One thought on “Just for Fun: Campfire Stories

  1. Someone got the campfire roaring, pots and pans clanged about, folks are staking out their space around the fire, prepping their grub share and warming themselves as the sun slipped away.

    Wards got him a couple cans of pork and beans he’s sharing with the gang, but the cook area’s a bit crowed. Awe, what the heck. He’ll just roll the around the edge of the cinders and warm them the easy way.

    Dinners coming togethers, the gangs just about to feast when suddenly an explosion takes place. In the ensuing mayhem everyone’s trying to figure out the culprit. Then another explosion, much louder and it suddenly becomes apparent that a couple campers are up and slapping scolding debris from here, there and everywhere. When the sizzle died down and someone braved the element of surprise Ward suddenly realized he’d shot a few of his friends with a couple of cans of explosive pork and beans.

    To this day he is not allowed to improvise on his cooking chores.

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