Just for Fun: Weird Weather Traditions

In honor of Groundhog Day, take a moment to get to write about a weird, weather-inspired tradition in your creative world.  Use this to get to know your universe better or to better understand how your characters feel about the traditions in their lives that they might not think about on a regular basis.  Jot a quick paragraph or two down here in the comments, on your own blog or just on a piece of scrap paper at your desk.




One thought on “Just for Fun: Weird Weather Traditions

  1. Roslyn isn’t keen on holidays in general. All seem to be a disappointment in one way or another. Yet she dutifully travels to her mother’s home for each one with her sidedish to contribute to the meal. She made the mistake of letting her son know how she felt. Being his mother’s boy, he’s adopted the same attitude.

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