Just for Fun: Let’s Write a Story

Today, let’s write a story together. It doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect, let’s just have fun with it.  Each of us can add a comment with a few sentences to keep the story building. Come back throughout the day to add more!


Here is an opening:


The mall Santa looked out at the long line of kids waiting to talk to him and get their pictures taken. His mind drifted off as he imagined the end of his shift and the beginning of happy hour that evening.  He was snapped back to reality when the kid on his lap made his final gift request.

Now it’s your turn: continue the story in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Just for Fun: Let’s Write a Story

  1. “Santa, I want a pony and a remote control race car and a guitar and undeniable proof that my sister was abducted by aliens from the planet Xarquon, just like I was last year.”

    “Wha-what was that?” Santa shook his head to shake the feeling of sitting at the sports bar watching the game, focusing in on the five year old boy on his lap.

    “I want a pony and a-”

    “No, that last bit… about aliens?”

    “Well, Santa, no one believes that the aliens visited my sister last week, but I believe her. They visited me last year and told me they would be back. Because she and I are destined to lead them in their fight for total intergalactic domination!”

  2. “Ho ho ho, little Jon Doe, Santa was making his list,” the mall Santa leaned his ear closer to the youngster, “say out loud again what you just now said you want for Christmas?”

  3. Santa wondered if the child had been watching far too much science fiction on TV or been playing far too many video games which included shooting aliens and such like.

    “How about a toy Doctor Who Tardis so you can travel in time and space?” he asked the child. The child shook his head.

    “What good would that do? I need something that actually works so I can travel in time and space” said the child.

    “Well I actually know the Doctor” replied Santa, “I’m guest appearing in the Christmas Special this year.”

    The child was not amused and got off Santa’s lap.

    “Well if you are not going to take this seriously, I’ll go and ask one your elves for help” said the child, and he walked off in the direction of two elves who were unwrapping a huge parcel.

  4. “I want a pony and undeniable proof that my sister was abducted by aliens. Do you need one of those hearing thingys that Grandpa has?? When he doesn’t want to listen to something, he turns the volume down and pretends to listen. He does that when my sister and me tell him about the aliens.”

  5. The elves just stared. “Aren’t you suppose to be saying that to Santa??” One finally asked.

    “He wouldn’t help me.” I folded my arms across my chest. “And you’d better help me.”

    They all looked at each other and nodded. “This is one for Eowyn.”

    “Who’s that?”

    “Majestic Queen over all the elves. Come along. She can help.”

  6. The elves looked at each other, dumped their tinsel and bells on the floor, and shuffled around to the back of the giant Christmas tree that stood behind Santa’s gilded chair. The green-gloved elf grabbed John Doe’s hand and pulled him along as well. A mishmash of discarded holiday décor lay strewn on the floor. They shielded their eyes and the elf with the red gloves shoved one hand over John Doe’s eyes.

    But John Doe peeked between the elf’s fingers. He watched as a silver bell turned into glitter before his eyes and revealed a glistening figure that hovered in the air. The two elves each dropped to one knee, bent their heads, and tugged the little boy to bow as well. He planted his feet and stood his ground, chin held as high as he could stretch. Such bravery for such a little Earth boy.

    Eowyn, small as a pine cone, supple as a ribbon, and glittering still, flitted to the top of a Christmas package. She lifted her long face so that her elfin ears stuck out, making her entire face seem to be a star. “What?” she said though her lips never moved.

    The two elves trembled, but not John Doe. “I want proof.” He stamped his foot.
    Eowyn flew toward the boy. The other elves ducked. John Doe stuck out his hand and grabbed the majestic queen

    “Proof,” he repeated. He held the queen tightly in his hand. She struggled in his fist and flashed a hundred metallic colors, sputtering sounds a human could not hear, but she could not wrest herself from the boy’s grip.

    You see, an elf queen can fight against all skeptics and always win her freedom. But in the hands of a true believer, she is a hostage to faith.

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