Just for Fun: Holiday Foods

Let’s get to know our characters a little bit better.  Consider that they are sitting down to a holiday feast. It could be with family, with friends, or with people they don’t know at all.  What do they eat?  Do they focus on the main entree or are they more about the sides? What dietary restrictions do they have and how does the group meal accommodate them? Perhaps most important of all: do they choose a single dessert or do they sample all of the pies, cakes and ice creams that are available?


2 thoughts on “Just for Fun: Holiday Foods

  1. My main character is a vegetarian who hangs out with mostly meat eaters. So he tends to focus on the side dishes more than anything else when he eats at other people’s homes, unless those people go out of their way to provide a animal-free entree. As for desserts, he samples them all. Always. And if there are a lot of desserts, he’ll forgo parts of the meal to leave room for the desserts!

  2. I guess I never thought about it before…my main character is a person who always eats at Leota’s. Leota boils some water, throws whatever food she has in it, and to pay for it, the people bring more food for the next day’s soup. So my main character will eat about anything!

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