Just for Fun: Let’s Write a Story

Today, let’s write a story together. It doesn’t have to be fancy or perfect, let’s just have fun with it.  Each of us can add a comment with a few sentences to keep the story building. Come back throughout the day to add more!


Here is an opening:

Harvey thought the little outdoor cafe would be the perfect place for the meeting -good food, good coffee, lots of people around…and since it was outdoors, it had an easy escape route if things got out of hand.  But now that he was sitting there across the table from the man he only knew as The Boss, he wasn’t so sure the location – or the meeting itself – was such a good idea after all.

Now it’s your turn: continue the story in the comments!



5 thoughts on “Just for Fun: Let’s Write a Story

  1. He wasn’t really sure what made him start second guessing the choice of venue or his decision not to put himself as far away from the meeting as possible. Perhaps it was the specific latte he’d ordered. He really wasn’t a fan of caramel, yet in his nervous state he was unable to stop himself from ordering the special caramel mocha latte thing the billboard was highlighting. Or maybe it was the fact that all the people at the tables around them were wearing dark glasses, kept looking over at him and had their hands perched over what Harvey was sure were guns of varying shapes and sizes.

  2. Harvey twitched in his seat as The Boss leaned one elbow on the table, hooked the other around the back of his chair, and stretched his legs long out in front of him. He didn’t speak. His Ray-Bans reflected twin images of Harvey back at himself. To himself, Harvey looked pale, rumpled, and weak. How he wished he could exude the calm power of the many tailored and composed men dotted around the cafe!

  3. The voices were back again. What have I done this time he thought to himself. How does a petty thief get a meaning with The Boss? He wondered where his four year old daughter was. The black outs were happening more and more.

  4. A waitress approached the table never once taking her eyes off Harvey as she wiped the table down with a damp cloth. Harvey could not help but notice that the cloth seemed a slight colour of red, the colour of blood which had been washed out a few times. Was this all a dream or were the other occupants of the cafe all still looking at him?

  5. Harvey kept an eye on the man seated across from him as he surveyed the people around him he became more and more nervous,and questioned his judgement of places to meet!

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