3 thoughts on “Just for Fun: Dining Out

  1. Joey, from The Inlaid Table, went to a deli for bagel, lox, and cream cheese because she knew she wouldn’t get any once she landed in Poland. She ordered it as take out and sat chewing it at her table, looking again through her parents’ few childhood photos before they’d left Europe as refugees.

    Childhood friends from The Tree House Mother, Andie met Margo at Joe Jost’s bar in Long Beach where they washed down beers with a couple of pickled eggs and talked about Margo’s upcoming art show. Though happy for her friend, Andie listened wistfully, knowing such success would never be her own.

    Kimberly and Ned Acton went through a drive through on the way back from visiting Jade Waters in Where Did Mama Go? Kimberly fell asleep as soon as they got home, and Ned put her cheeseburger in the frig. He munched his wife’s fries while reading the residence brochure, looking for the truth that must be secreted between the carefully crafted lines.

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