One thought on “Just for Fun: Stranded

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    I don’t know nothin’ about time travel or any of that science fiction hoo-hah those bull caucus bureaucrats out there support in some form or another because I am by no right no scientist. I am by trade a soldier. Born and bred, kept and carried. I follow orders and act in a manner that directly reflects my leadership but I have to tell you sir, I’m getting a bit worried.
    You see, it feels like a long while back when you said to me, “lead these men with dignity and honor.”
    Feels so long. I mean I don’t even know what time it is—heck I don’t know what the day or the year is anymore. It’s not that our clocks aren’t working, it’s that there ain’t got no clocks no more. No clocks, no watches, no timepieces whatsoever and while I swear I can hear them screaming every now and again I can’t see any of my men, sir. I can’t see ‘em sir.
    Now I don’t know if I’m doing this thing right here, don’t know if getting my message across to you this way is gonna work but here it is. This is Commander Pierson aboard the USS Eldridge. We left the dock in the summer of ’43 on a private mission. We are stuck somewheres but I can’t give you no name or coordinates because I can’t see a single doggone thing. It’s all gray. All of it. Including the big headed shapes that cause my men to scream for their Mamas.
    Like I said, it feels like we’ve been here forever. I don’t know if I’ll die or if I’m already dead but please. Please tell my wife Adelaide that I love her. And tell my boys to be good, honest men.
    Commander out.

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