Just for Fun: The Weather

Spring has sprung for many of our readers.  For others, autumn is upon them.  Wherever you are, you are experiencing weather of some sort.  While we as writers do not want to spend our entire novel or short story talking about the weather, we should recognize that our characters — like us in the real world — are impacted by it.

So, just for fun… in the comments here take one of your favorite characters and describe how they would react to the weather you are experiencing today.  Would they hide from the bright sunshine? Would they curse the rain?  Would they relish the wind whipping through their hair?  Paint us a picture of your character and their interaction with today’s weather.

10 thoughts on “Just for Fun: The Weather

  1. I’m pretty sure all my characters would be shaking in their boots at the moment because we’re just about to be hit by a cyclone here in North Oz (severe hurricane for those in the northern hemisphere). It’s a big one. Wish me (and my characters) luck 😀

  2. One of my characters is very cynical and he would scowl at the clouds and be annoyed by the wind and forget to realize that the sun is shining and the snow piles are melting.

  3. One of my characters would hide in her room and watch the sun rises from her window as the snow melt down. Her favorite season ended and sure she was sad. Someone need to give her chocolate or cookies to boost her mood.

  4. Andi watched as the grey clouds oozed to cover everything – even her joy at J’Sharn’s return. Strange that the clouds seemed able even to enter their refuge. She took a step closer to J’Sharn and felt the grey lift slightly.

  5. My main character, Raeann would be delighted with today’s weather. It’s spring where she is. This would be a day when she could be getting her garden ready for the plants she wants to put in, and hop on over to the library to see if she can find more back issues of the newspaper for her personal investigation.

  6. Andie, from The Tree House Mother, would be delighted by today’s weather, blue-sky warm spring with a slight breeze ruffling everyone’s feathers here in Southern California.She would run to grab a portable easel, some paints and brushes, and would on the hill next to the tree house and paint the trees and sky around her. She might even paint the house that her grandparents built, the one that she lives in with her family. Then she would wander slowly down the slope and eat a fresh orange right off one of the trees watching the sunset through the silhouette of the grove.

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