Write Now Prompt for April 4, 2014


At Today’s Author, our first goal is to get you (and us) to write. Write Now is our own collection of prompts to help you do that. With Write Now we’re not talking about writing, or trying to teach anyone how to write. Write Now is all about putting pen to paper.

Today’s Prompt:

They were alone at last… except for the robot.


How to play along with our Writing Prompts

  1. Write in any format or style you wish: short story, poem, script – whatever you like.
  2. Write for at least 5 minutes. There is no time limit – write for as long as you wish!
  3. Editing is not required, though we do recommend that you run a spell check at least.
  4. Post your work to your blog and include a link back here so your readers can find other writer’s work, too.
  5. Come back here and provide a link to your work on the Write Now! prompt for which it was written.
  6. Read other authors’ posts and leave constructive comments.

Important Note: When you post a draft of your work online, it may be difficult to find a publisher who will accept it, as many see an online document as being previously published. It may also be ineligible to be submitted for certain writing competitions. Always check publisher’s and competition guidelines before using a draft you put online.

3 thoughts on “Write Now Prompt for April 4, 2014

    By Joy Bassetti Kruger

    They were all alone at last…except for the robot, which had been standing on the pathway for weeks without moving.
    Now just when they thought they could go for a walk down towards the river and sit in the sun on the big boulder at the very edge, the robot suddenly moved.
    It was quick and its movements were precise and in no time at all it had them just where it wanted them and was herding them down towards the river. Then surprisingly enough it said, “Its payback time guys, for all the taunts you’ve made at me while I waited for someone to come along and talk nicely to me.”
    Jack and his girlfriend Trudy didn’t know what to make of this, but they were too afraid to talk back or ask any questions. But feeling he needed to protect Trudy from whatever the robot had in mind for them, he said, “Come on, we didn’t mean anything by calling you names. You were just always in the way, -I mean you are a huge guy, in case you hadn’t noticed.”
    “Oh I noticed all right, and now you two are going to pay for calling me a -dumb machine.”
    “Like jack said, we didn’t mean any harm,” Trudy chipped in.
    “Please stop all this talking and move along,” the robot encouraged them.
    Slipping and sliding in the mud, Trudy and Jack were herded towards the Big Boulder. Jack thought he knew what the robot had in mind and he didn’t like it.The river meanwhile gurgled loudly far below, as the water rushed on in a hundred different paths over the rocks and pebbles in its pathway.
    Then finally when they reached the boulder and were standing on top of it, the robot said,”Now, count to three and then jump.”
    When they hesitated, it then said, “I mean it, so just do it, or do you want me to come over there and push you in?”
    “Yea,” Trudy said, “come over here and push us in,” as she realized that the robot could not reach them from where it was standing and also that it would never be able to stand on the rough surface of the rock like they could in their climbing boots.
    “She’s right, come on over and push us in,” Jack said when he realized what she was thinking.
    “Don’t tempt me, because with one swipe of my arm I could kill you before you even hit the water,” the robot replied as it looked around despairingly and realized that its threats were as hollow as most of its body was.
    Just at that moment some more of the team of scientists came walking along the pathway and when they saw what was going on and Jack and Trudy yelled for them to watch out for the robot that had gone viral, the team leader pulled out what looked like a ray-gun and blitzed the robot into oblivion.
    “Sorry you two, but I’ve been meaning to do this for ages. I realized something was wrong when the puppy went missing, but then the thing just walked outside and stood in the rain for weeks on end and I thought it would just rust into a miserable heap of twisted metal,” he said by way of an apology.
    “That’s okay, Grant. We’d already outsmarted your robot anyway. But I’m really mad you didn’t tell me that you thought it was responsible for what happened to my puppy, Now you’ll have to pay,” she said as she made him walk out onto the boulder.
    She and the others kept him at bay until after dark, when they all walked away towards the laboratory, where someone blitzed the two remaining robots right where they were standing in the hallway, -waiting for them.

  2. Here’s my response in poem form:

    They were alone at last…except for the robot.
    And that’s when she remembered: the apocalypse had happened,
    and this was post. She wasn’t sure
    if she should acknowledge the robot
    in the middle of making out with her boyfriend.
    It seemed rude not to, but equally rude
    to pause her lips, even though, truth
    be told, Deke was not exactly a pro
    when it came to kissing.
    She also wasn’t sure what the new protocol
    was as far as the robots went. Were
    they servants, or friends? Watch dogs?
    Was she even supposed to be kissing
    Deke? Was it allowed?
    She sighed into the kiss,
    her mind turning over all the new rules
    she would have to learn
    now that things had changed, and the robots
    were hanging around.

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