2014: Time for Some Creative Reorganization

I’m sure I am not the only writer who has amassed so many notebooks, computer files, scraps of paper and/or slightly-used napkins from Starbucks in and on which ideas for stories or characters are scrawled in various degrees of detail and legibility. I’m not, am I? The thing is, I used to be extremely organized about this. Separate notebooks or Microsoft Word files for poetry ideas, story ideas and novel ideas. Separate files for characters. Separate files for settings.  There was a time where I even had these files and notebooks indexed so that I could easily find anything I needed.  With this level of organization, I was able to keep my writing life efficient, neat and organized.

But much like the desk in my office or the bookshelves in my living room, my files and notebooks have gotten away from me. They are cluttered, messy, illegible monsters which haunt my dreaming hours and taunt my waking hours with their laughter and jeering and unwillingness to be tamed. You’ve heard the phrase, “Cluttered desk, cluttered mind”, I’m sure, and I’m definitely able to vouch for this phrase’s accuracy.  The more jumbled and cluttered my writing area has become, the less efficient and productive my writing has been. So my goal for 2014 is to get this back under control – to reorganize my creative world with the intent that I can bring myself back to a more productive creative life.

My plan for accomplishing this is reasonably straightforward, albeit a tad bit tedious:

  1. Review – I will read through the idea files, half-written novels or stories and tattered notebooks. Those which have any value at all will be sorted into a keeper pile and those I deem to have no potential of a future will go into a discard pile.
  2. Sort – I will sort through the pile of keepers and organize the ideas into character, plot or setting piles. Each of these will get typed up and indexed in a brand new, clean Microsoft Word file. Anything which cannot be broken down into one of the three main areas will go into a fourth file.
  3. Verify – I will go through the discard pile one last time and pass a final judgment on these items. For those deemed worthy of getting another chance, they will get sorted into their appropriate character/plot/setting/other files. For everything else, I will serve as judge, jury and executioner.
  4. Pick – I will pick one – yes, one – item from the new idea files and write until the story is told. It might be a character whose story gets written. Or it might be an idea I’ve tossed around for years and haven’t written. Ultimately, it will likely be a combination of a few of the items in these files, as they will all be fresh in my mind.

My RSVP plan is not perfect, but it should work for me. I am definitely being impeded by my creative clutter, so reorganizing is needed. I hate setting dates for things like this, but I also know that without them, I am more likely to just keep saying “Well, I’ll get started tomorrow…” and then keep saying that on every tomorrow. Being realistic about the number of notebooks and files I need to review, and also being realistic about the impact of baseball and my day job on the time available to work on this project, my goal is to have the Review portion of the plan completed by the end of February. This may sound like a long time, but it is really only 4 weeks.

I am, however, open to suggestions from the Today’s Author community. Have you found or used tools which helped you to organize your creative ideas? I’d love to hear about these tools and any other ideas you might have.

One thought on “2014: Time for Some Creative Reorganization

  1. Not sure anyone else’s solution to organization will help you resolve your writing clutter. You, as in the Universal You. We all deal with piles of messy scraps from which we pull our ideas, just that my pile lives in my house/computer, and yours – well, you get it. What will make you sit and write until The End? You. And only You. Not the universal one.

    Don’t let the tedium of sorting it all out sideline your ambition to write, but it might let you find the one long buried idea that you really want to complete. And that would be a really good thing.

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