The Writers Circle: Blogs

One of our goals here at Today’s Author is to help all of the writers among us to do what we love to do: write. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by talking to each other and learning from each other.  Our Writers Circle series is designed to do just that – provide a chance for us to discuss writing, editing and publishing questions.

This week’s topic is:

Do you have a writing-related blog? Is it focused only on your writing, or do you post other types of things to it as well? Is it confusing to readers if you have more than one blog?

Let’s discuss this in the comments and see what our community thinks.

13 thoughts on “The Writers Circle: Blogs

  1. I do indeed! Given the topic, I hope it isn’t rude to say it’s at I started out intending it to be focussed solely on the writing experience, but I’ve found myself digressing from time to time – and I’m only on my tenth post! I tell myself that that’s okay because it’s hard to divorce writing from the rest of life – but I think you’re right that there’s a risk people get turned off if you stray too far into stuff they’re just not interested in reading.

  2. Oh, it would be boring if all I ever blogged about was my books!
    I started my blog under the belief that I needed a ‘platform’ for my books. (Horrible marketing term).
    For the first six months, my blog just sat there with only the occasional post. Then I began to both read other people’s blogs on a regular basis and write about various things that interest me.
    Now, my blog is probably about 60% to do with my books and sharing thoughts on the creative process in general.
    I also ramble about things to do with modern life and culture as they occur to me, post photographs from places I visit, links to bits of music etc – anything from the sad death of Iain Banks to the importance of altruism and the anniversary of New Order’s seminal song ‘Blue Monday’.
    Writing my blog has become something I do for its own pleasure – plus it’s another valuable kind of writing exercise.

  3. Having multiple blogs can be a good practice because it allows you to think in different ways, in how you consider your audience, whomever they may be. I think that any confusion between blogs by the same author would occur if there isn’t much distinction between the two, or more. Blogging is interesting because the product is very close to the creator, where posts are opinions and reflections and reporting; a chronicle, a logbook. Having two writing blogs is very much doable as long as there is that separation in presentation and content to make each site worth visiting and reading; they need to be able to stand alone.

  4. I have multiple blogs but the one that gets the most traffic (from me and elsewhere!) is my writing-focused one. I write for prompts, post reblogs from other writers, and so on. The other is a blog I started on which I offer prompts to writers. It doesn’t have a lot of traffic just now but it’s coming along. I’ve had good teachers over the last few months (including the good folks here at Today’s Author)…

  5. I’m quite new to blogging. I joined Today’s Author less than a year ago and launched my own blog, Sharon Bonin-Pratt’s Ink Flare, on July 31. I’ve been reading and following blogs for about 18 months, most closely blogs about writing. While blogging is a new experience for me, I’ve been writing, seriously writing with the ambition of creating strong and interesting stories, for about a decade. I’m not expert but am passionate about the craft of writing and the journey to excellence, eventually to publication.

    I made a decision that Ink Flare would focus on writing skills, discussions, tactics, support groups, resources, problems, achievement, examples, and observations. A section of it is devoted to tramping through the unfamiliar ground of blogging, falling into the technical ruts (I do this a lot) and climbing out. I also want to encourage readers to drop into the comfy chair at the side of my blog and converse.

    Family, work, politics, reviews of movies and restaurants, my daily grunt work and routines will only make an appearance if they have an impact on my writing, and then their identities will be disguised. Zorro masks for all. My loved ones have a right to expect their privacy to be maintained, my employers demand it, and if I want to air my dirty laundry, I’ll do in the washing machine.

    My devoted readership is small but growing, the drop ins don’t all stick around. I can’t say what attracts attention because I’m still trying to pry off the cap of this new jar. My overall intention is to focus, perhaps loosely, on writing – someday to declare the glory of a book of mine in print. And that’s why I started a blog.

  6. I have a blog that’s focused pretty equally on reading and writing – largely because reading, I think, is a vitally important part of the writing process. I have a semi-respectable following now, but a handful of regular readers whose comments and contributions are especially helpful. Ink Out Loud ( is kind of an informal place for me to share my writing process and what I’m learning with other writers, and to pick their brains as well. It’s a great outlet and resource.

  7. My writing blog focuses on art of writing with mine as exemplar. I think writers as a group have a lot in common–passion, curiosity, patience, love of words. Those traits provide endless fodder for my blog posts. And, it makes me think through my own writing, hopefully coming out a better author.

  8. I tried for a while to have several blogs…. one for my fictional pursuits, one about gardening, one about travelling… I found that I had a hard time maintaining enough momentum on any of them when I was trying to work with all of them. Might be more of an issue of me not having the time for it, but it just frustrated me. I’ve boiled it down to basically just the one now and I’ve merged the travel posts in with the fiction. I’ve also started putting other things in. I’m not sure that I’m going down a wise path with making a single, more generic blog, but at this point I just want to be putting SOMETHING on it, so I’ll take it.

    My opinion (and that’s all it is) is that I don’t mind a blog that serves several *similar* purposes. So one that is about the craft of writing AND about the blog owner’s fiction is fine with me. But I do prefer if it’s easy to click a menu option that takes me to just the fiction items or to just the non-fiction items. That way, I can more-easily find what I’m interested in or looking for on a particular visit.

    • Travel fits well with settings. That’s a natural. My science blog is struggling. I wrote it when I was researching science stuff for my novel and it has wandered since. Sigh.

  9. My blog deals mainly with writing, but with holiday articles or reviews of books and shows. Sometimes just thoughts.

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