For the love of writing

For some people, writing has been their secret lover ever since they could clutch a crayon. For others, it has slipped insidiously into their lives and taken up residence on the comfy chair, refusing to budge.

The love of writing , disregarding genre or form, snatches up the unwary author who within a few paragraphs is helplessly caught up with characters in a passion-based rush for words and ideas.   Although most writers say they “write for the love of it”, the very narcissistic nature of ‘being’ a writer demands that there is at least a small recognition for what they are doing.

Go on.. admit it…. we all love to hear a reader gush about a character in one of our stories, or how the twist at the end really took them by surprise. There is no equal, either, to finding our that a piece of your writing has been accepted to be published or won some sort of competition.

As literature comes in many forms, from free form poetry to scripts to flash fiction through to enormous tomes of brow bending ideas, so does its ways in which it can entertain, inform and educate. The inspiration behind writing also takes on just as many forms, from cathartic where the author vents frustrations, through to exploration into the world of “what if”. What connects all of these is the author’s passion and love for the form and words.

The love of writing simply means that the writer is connected to the process. Passionately and with wild abandon for some, steady and comfortable for others. Just like any relationship, the love of writing comes in many shades. Writing, like many expressive arts, is a relationship which will continue to grow as the author’s competence and confidence builds.

The love a writer can feel from the writing process can manifest in the the ego-based form of success (nothing wrong with that by the way!!), achievement and recognition through to connecting to the words in a deeper way, where an emotional journey can be undertaken, connection with an idea or an audience, a shared experience and socially based ideals are aired to empower and enrich others lives. The beauty of writing is that it can be as introspective and private or as loud and broadcast as the author allows or wishes it to be. Each has its value and place in this journey of writing.

Writing is an easy lover, giving a sense of connection with a faceless audience where the writer can convey ideas and concepts in deep, personal manners which may not be socially acceptable or possible as a face to face interaction. Although at times writing can guilt and nag a writer to return to its embrace, it is a patient lover, willing to wait in the wings until the time and passion returns. Throughout the stages of a writer’s life, it is a love which ebbs and wanes, but like a stalker ex, continues to creep under ones’s skin. Its a love that nurtures, surprises and endures.

Have you been in touch with your ‘writing love’ lately – or are you uncomfortable strangers who avoid eye contact in the hallway?

2 thoughts on “For the love of writing

  1. I always used to be that passionate writer… and I made a point of writing every day and every night. These days I’m in the ‘avoiding eye contact’ phase… and hoping to find that writing is, in fact, a patient lover.

  2. I have to agree Rob, I am in the rush past and avoid eye contact when in the hallway – and try not to go to the kitchen at the same time it is…. phase… I hope to over come this soon.

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