6 thoughts on “Inefficiencies

  1. It’s odd… I’ve often lamented the fact that the best ideas come to me when I can’t write them… in the shower, in the dentist’s chair, while I’m rototilling the back yard… never really thought that the fact that I was busy might be *the reason* the ideas could flow at those times. Not quite sure how to use this realization yet, but it certainly is interesting.

    As is the whole concept of writing by hand. I do it “when I am forced to” but I avoid it like the plague because my handwriting is simply awful. It’s not worth even a cheap fancy pen, as I can barely read the handwriting myself. That said, you and Tony have convinced me that I should or at least *can* consider it as another tool in my arsenal for getting past blocks.

    • Rob, I’m going to agree with Tony. This post stands as evidence that my handwriting is nothing to be proud of. But with a ballpoint, or even a gel rollerball, it is significantly worse. With those pens I have to grip and press, which makes loops random and angular. My hand tires easily because I’m stressing my hand muscles. By comparison, with a fountain pen you hold, not grip, and you don’t press the pen into the paper.

      A basic, but surprisingly smooth and hassle-free, pen is the Lamy Safari (plastic) or its Aluminum sibling, the Lamy Al-Star. This pen, plus a converter (so you can use bottled ink) and a bottle of Noodler’s Ink (which at 3oz. will refill your pen about 50 times), with a little judicious shopping can be had for about $50.

      And…it’s better for the environment. At the end of your bottle of ink, you can reuse or recycle the bottle, instead of throwing 25 pens into the trash. 😉

  2. Dale – great minds think alike. 😉

    Rob – you might be surprised at the difference in legibility a decent pen might engender. A cheap ballpoint might require you to press hard to get the ink to flow, which is wearying for the hand. A good pen costs less than a restaurant dinner, and will provide much more lasting pleasure. Good pen with good ink on good paper makes handwriting a joy.

    Besides, even if your skittery chicken scratches ARE hard to read later, it might be a silver lining in disguise. You re-read your writing and think, “Now, what was I trying to say here?”

  3. My hand hurts just looking at all that writing. Yes, it’s Zen, but oh man it’s a pain getting older.

  4. Dale Challener Roe :

    And…it’s better for the environment. At the end of your bottle of ink, you can reuse or recycle the bottle, instead of throwing 25 pens into the trash. ;)

    Well… now that you mention the environment… I’m definitely going to have to look into this.

  5. The art of the right pen – the pen for the write art –

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