Proposal for a New Year

Instead of resolutions, which I never fail to ignore, I would like to share with you some things I intend to accomplish this year.

1. I will not climb atop my roof for a barbaric yawp.

I will think about it though.  Likely I will spend quantities of time wondering what it might feel like to stand above my trees and pull the adventures and stresses and joys of the day across my stomach, my throat, my tongue, my teeth.  I will wonder what the neighbors would think of me.  I will resist doing it anyway.

2. I will be the monster in the playground.

I will continue to chase my child, and all who wish to be chased, up and over ladders, down slides, and round and round and round the trees.  It is fun.  It is freeing.  It is immediately exhausting, and I am not young, but I will not give it up.

3.  I will be a lazy bastard.

All crafts require tools, and these are mine: chair, computer.  Thus, my butt will be glued to my chair and my computer to my lap, as often as possible.  Except right now.  My butt is numb.

4. I will not continue on as if the sun strewing reds and oranges and pinks across the sky is just another sunset.  Even if it is, around here.

5.  I will learn manners.  I will properly introduce myself, or say goodbye just before I leave (even if I said goodbye 5 minutes ago, but we kept talking).  I will learn to listen properly, even if I cannot stop my brain from trying to share an anecdote similar to your anecdote, or pulling together all the random bits of facts we’ve tossed around and concluded that a character named Al, who was narcissistic about his high IQ but not functionally intelligent would be the only person to know all of things it took the two of us to share.


4 thoughts on “Proposal for a New Year

  1. I find that I can’t help but be the monster on the playground. It’s kind of a requirement, I think!

    • Actually, I only know a few parents who will play chase, much less play monster. (Glad to add you to the list!)

  2. Please, oh please climb apon your roof top for a mighty yawp. Do not worry about what the neighbors will think, it is good for them to keep guessing about your state of mental health each and every day. It keeps them…respectful of your personal space.
    The trees Grow tall in hopes that you will find a clever way to gaze down on them, it’s a tree game, play. Tell them of your adventures, stresses, joys, and most importantly, your dreams. Trees love dreams, it’s what they do best, share. Can you feel the buzz in your teeth? The butterflies in your stomach? The lump in your throat? The words on your tounge? That’s life. That’s what trees dream of doing. Do it for them, do it because it makes the neighbors nervous, and you laugh. Yawp it up baby.

    With deep love,

    • I knew, when I read it here, that it didn’t come off — I will resist the rooftop yawp despite the enticement of making the neighbors come out and look! Also, please note that I did not promise to restrain from the yawp at a park, atop the mountain…just not rooftop.

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