Party hats and noisemakers ready?

We’re just a few short days away from the start of a new year, 2013, which by no coincidence marks the official public launch of the Today’s Author website.

For many, the beginning of a new year brings a perfect opportunity for us to resolve to make changes in our lives.  For some, it’s to quit smoking or get fit; for others like the team of volunteers here at Today’s Author ( Annie Evett, Dale Challener Roe, Jacqui Murray, Jessica Bockman, Rob Diaz II, Tony Noland and myself), I suspect we all resolve in some way to share, promote, and grow our interest in creative writing.

I think you’ll find neither the editors nor contributors here claim themselves to be superior to any visitor of the site, nor anyone else within the craft of writing for that matter.  Our article posts simply aim to share our own unique perspectives, experiences, and approaches within the spirit of our Mission (…healthy and supportive environment… encouraging participation… etc).

Fortune-cookie message I received on my 35th birthday

Speaking personally, I plan to spend less time in 2013 in front of the television, and more time getting wrapped up creating fictional worlds, towns, people and their relationships through my creative writing.  To help facilitate this, I look forward to participating as often as possible in the Write Now writing prompts, and graciously accepting constructive feedback on these posts in order to improve my writing.  I may need some poking and prodding along the way, so please do feel empowered to hold me accountable if you believe my participation in the writing prompts seems to evaporate from your vantage point.  After all, a five-minute time investment in a prompt can generate tons of concepts for one’s idea file!

To contribute back to the community, I hope you’ll find that my article posts, blending my personal and professional experiences, will keep you motivated and propel you forward in your creative writing by encouraging you to forge ahead or approaching problems from a different angle.

I look forward to connecting with you during the evolution of Today’s Author.


One thought on “Party hats and noisemakers ready?

  1. New year, new site, new creative energy. It feels so exciting and invigorating!

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